Want to Buy Teether for Babies? Note These Points!


When baby teeth start to grow, he tends to put toys or other objects in his mouth. This is done by babies to relieve pain due to teething. Most mothers will give their babies a teether so their little one can bite them safely. A baby bite can be considered as a stimulus for baby teeth growth.

Teether is a toy that babies can bite when their teeth begin to grow. Chewing on the teether can be comforting for your baby because the gums will usually feel better when they are lightly pressed. Baby teethers are usually made of silicone, rubber, or plastic with various colors and shapes.

Teether is safe for babies as long as it is BPA free and non-toxic. According to a study, the teether which contains BPA and harmful chemicals can interfere with the endocrine. These chemicals can harm the baby because the baby is likely to suck in when they bite the teether.

If you want to buy a teether for your little one, note the following things.

Tips on Buying a Baby Teether

1. Teether Size
Too large or too small teether size can endanger the safety of the baby because it can make them vomit or choke. Therefore, you should choose the right size teether for your baby to hold and can be safely inserted into his mouth.

2. Teether Material
You can choose a teether that is made of rubber or silicone so it's not too hard. The teether which contains a gel with small dots will make it easier for babies to bite. But when the baby is getting older, you can give the teether that is made from a denser material so the baby's teeth can be stronger.

3. Teether Label
When you buy teether for your baby, you should pay attention to the label. Pay attention to the teether label, especially about safety and the ingredients used. You can choose a baby teether that is BPA free and other harmful chemicals. You can search for references for teether ingredients or ask the seller directly.

4. Teether Condition
Because the baby teether is in direct contact with the baby, you should buy a new baby teether because the used teether may contain a lot of bacteria or not have sufficient safety standards. The new teether is generally safer. Babies are also less likely to be exposed to chemicals because safety standards have improved.

5. Choose the Strong and Easy to Clean
When you buy a teether for your baby, you can hold the teether and try flexing it. The teether should be made of tough material so that it won't peel off easily when your baby bites it. When the teether tears, it will be easily swallowed by the baby. You should also get in the habit of washing the teether after using it by the baby. You can wash with hot water and sterilize it. This is need to do so the surface of the teether is free from bacteria.

How To Clean Baby Teether

How Long Should The Teether Be Used?

When the baby's gums start to itch and he starts biting the teethers, your little one will feel more comfortable. This uncomfortable sensation arises for many reasons. One of them is because of growing baby teeth. Although teether can provide a comfortable sensation for babies, it is not recommended to use the teether for too long.

The recommended duration for single use is between 10 and 15 minutes. The goal is to keep the teether clean and hygienic. After you clean the teether, let your little one rest for a few moments. After that, you can give a teether to your little one to train his jaw muscles.

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What are the advantages of silicone material?
- Silicone is safe for babies, easy to clean, and strong.

Is there a return policy if buyers are not satisfied with the item you purchased?
- Right. You can check the return policy on our website.

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