Looking for Website Developer, Mobile Applications, and Online Marketing Agent in Bali? Here is Your Best Solution


More than 250 customers across Bali and Jakarta have entrusted their design and website development, mobile applications, and online business solutions at Timedoor Indonesia.

Entering the 21st century, information and communication technology began to be developed in various lines. Not only in the field of communication, technology has also penetrated the fields of business to entertainment. The internet is one of the important recipes that can boost technological progress. Because of internet too, humans can easily break the boundaries of space and time.

Regarding from the latest data of the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII), from Indonesia's total population of 262 million people; 143 million people have been connected to the internet network throughout 2017. The use of internet has also begun to vary. Evidently, around 72.41 percent of internet users who come from urban communities, have used the internet more than just communicating, and have begun to innovate with businesses.

Reflecting on this phenomenon, PT. Timedoor Indonesia, a Japanese technology-based IT company, has been keen to see the opportunities. Starting its career since 2014 at Tukad Citarum Street, DD Alley No. 999, Renon, Denpasar-Bali, Timedoor, which now has 30 developers, tried their luck through the website design business. After two years have passed, Timedoor is increasingly innovating to design an online marketing for businessmen who want to expand their business marketing. Then, in 2018, mobile applications for Android and iOS will begin to be made to keep pace with this increasingly rapid technological mobility.

Currently, the majority of Timedoor's market share is in Bali and Jakarta. Yutaka Tokunaga, the founder of PT. Timedoor Indonesia, explained the reason for choosing Bali as the starting point for Timedoor's journey.

"Why is Bali? Because I see that most of the capital cities in ASEAN countries are good, but Bali is still different, I want to help Bali develop more. Besides that, there is minimal pollution here and the environment is also good," Yutaka Tokunaga said with his distinctive Japanese accent.

Timedoor, which has a vision to become the leading IT Company in Indonesia, until now has provided several products and services in the field of software, including:

a. Website Making and Design

Not to be defeated by other IT companies, Timedoor pampers its customers with various advantages in terms of website purchases. Some of these benefits include international standard websites, where Japanese technology is the standard website produced by Timedoor. In addition to having an attractive design and the latest system, the ease of operating it has also become a distinctive feature of the Timedoor website.

In addition for having international standard, Timedoor also provides websites that are SEO friendly. With a programming language that is well known by Google robot, this will support the customer's website appearing on the first page of Google search.

It will be a fortune for businessmen who use cell phones more often to work because Timedoor provides a responsive mobile website design. No need to wait a long time when loading because the website is optimized with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and also lightweight resolution images so that the loading time is not long. In addition, Timedoor is able to use AMP Framework which will make loading times very fast.

Editing websites is also easier because the website has a CMS (Content Management System) that allows users to costume their website as desired.

b. Mobile Applications Making

It is undeniable, mobile applications that are often found both on Android and iOS have greatly facilitated the work of its users everyday. Evidently, more than 2 million mobile applications have been launched. Through this trend, Timedoor strives to provide what customers need in the form of mobile applications. In addition to cheap and user friendly prices, the quality standards that are always taken into account are the benchmarks that Timedoor always upholds.

There are also several categories of mobile applications provided by Timedoor, namely; Online Shopping Apps, Apps Catalogs, Delivery Apps, Enterprise System Apps, Dictionary/ Book Apps, News Apps, Education Apps, and Game Apps.

c. Online Marketing / Online Promotion

Timedoor provides Google AdWords service, which, customers will be created a Google ad account to choose keywords that match the target market of its customers. In addition, Timedoor also gives several promotional advertising patterns, targets according to location, also set up daily/ monthly funds so that the expenses for advertising were optimal and at the same time can achieve the desired results. The ad will also have the opportunity to be installed on several platforms, such as, Google, Naver, Facebook, and Instagram.

What Makes Timedoor Different from other IT Companies?

Timedoor is different from other IT companies because first, not only selling software then hit and run, but before the contractual agreement with the customer, Timedoor gives a kind of consultation about the business prospects to be carried out by the customer, complete with risks and opportunities that might occur in the business trip.

Secondly, Timedoor always prioritizes optimal service and quality in the form of a gradual maintenance on the customer's website to avoid hackers or damage to the system that has a negative impact on the customer business.

Third, Timedoor is not merely a matter of profit. Awareness of technological literacy which must be intensified since the first is the aim to provide free training facilities to develop software for children with the age of 7-12 years. Now, there are around 12 children who have joined the training. Children will also be facilitated by a laptop during training.

By carrying out the motto ‘create an incredible IT service needed around the world,’ Timedoor always strives to provide quality products and services for customers’ satisfaction. Find their stories in full at *ph