Nita Aartsen and Eurasian Project Engaged the Audience to do Mekecakan in the Rain


Alternately, Olaf Keus and Dian Pratiwi guided the audience to arranging the tones that made up Kecak Song, a colossal Balinese song, on the second day of 2018 Ubud Village Jazz Festival, Saturday (11/08/2018) at Padi Stage, ARMA Ubud.

Nita Aartsen just started her performance at Padi Stage, on 2018 UVJF, yet rain fell suddenly as if accompanying the coolness of the notes coming from the dancing of her finger on the piano. Instead of taking shelter, visitors were even more eager to enjoy the wave of Latin tones from the jazz group which named itself Eurasian Project.

Although the rain was falling, the audience remained faithful to watch the performance of Eurasian Project – Doc. NusaBali

Eurasian Project is a jazz group which is initiated by Nita Aartsen, a pianist who was born in Jakarta, together with the other 6 jazz musicians, such as, Olaf Keus, a talented Dutch Drummer, Dian Pratiwi, a World Jazz Diva, Gerard Kleijn, Dutch Trumpeter, Eric Theux, French Percussionist, Indra Gupta, Double Bass Player from Buleleng-Bali, and Brandon Julio, Guitarist from Jakarta. They had worked together for a year and would held similar concerts in Spain and Portugal in September.

When meeting by NusaBali, Nita gave her point of view about 2018 UVJF and her enthusiasm in enliven UVJF which had been carried out by her for 3 years.

“UVJF this year is amazing, it has been arranged well. Therefore, I try to join my friends from Europe to come and see that Indonesia has a cool jazz event, outdoor and under the tree. They are impressed with it,” Nita said when she just finished her show which was met by NusaBali.

Dian Pratiwi was also giving her statement and hope for the next UVJF. The woman who was born in Jakarta and grew up in Bali that now based in Dortmund – Germany stated that, she had been 6 times performing in UVJF and had known best the atmosphere from time to time. The UVJF this year for her was improved than the first year.

Dian Pratiwi when lived a song that she performed (11/08) – Doc. NusaBali

“There is always something interesting from the bands that accompany me. There is Big Band last year, about 25 musicians, this year is Latin jazz, and in the previous years I accompanied by band from Germany. UVJF from year to year is always improved; the guest stars are also varies. We have learned so much from their performance. I hope UVJF is getting better and better for next time ahead,” Dian said while smiling.

Olaf Keus was showing his skill off by playing music with his mouth – Doc. NusaBali

Rain still continued to hit, but audience became more engrossed in singing and dancing, moreover, when Olaf Keus showed his skill off in arranging music with his lips and limbs. The attraction immediately made audience amazed and gave applause of appreciation. Such an unexpected surprise. Still made astonished, later, Olaf and Dian Pratiwi began to guide audience to follow their directions to mutually shout to imitate the diverse voices of Kecak sound. As a result, a beautiful ensemble ensued. Eurasian Project had successfully stolen the hearts of the audience at that night. *ph