Toilets in Tourist Destinations Must Meet National Standard


JAKARTA, - Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno has stressed that the toilet facilities in tourist destinations should be well-designed and well-maintained to meet the national standard.

Therefore, such toilets can help improve the images of qualified tourist destinations and will also help to boost the tourist visits, he added.

“Today, I am very happy and touched that we have carried out our program from the start of the year with the help of the Indonesian Toilet Task Force that has worked hand-in-hand with business stakeholders in assisting the government,” Uno said in a press statement issued here on Sunday.

Toilet revitalization aims at providing comfort to the tourists since they pay attention more to the cleanliness and environmental sustainability factors in the new normal or post-Covid-19 pandemic era, he expounded.

The toilets were revitalized by implementing the rules of CHSE/K4— cleanliness, health, safety, and environment.

Uno praised the new toilets at Lembah Indah since they are disabled-friendly as stipulated in Law No.8 of 2016 that equal infrastructure access should be provided for all tourism and creative economy players, including tourists and those of disabled people in particular.

“The toilets for disabled people were designed larger in order to support them in using the facilities, especially for taking shower,” he noted.

Furthermore, Uno expressed hope that the tourist and creative economy players and the government could work in synergy to expedite the recovery in the sector in East Java, especially in Malang district as well as realizing the clean toilets in clean tourist destinations.

“I hope that the public will also take part in realizing the clean and hygienic toilets,” he remarked. *ant