Passing the First Day, Ubud Village Jazz Festival Brought Thousands Visitors


The visitors of 2018 Ubud Village Jazz Festival were dominated by foreign tourists on the first day, Friday (10/08/2018).

After passing the first day of 2018 UVJF successfully, then today, Saturday (11/08/2018) is the second day or the last day of the international jazz event on its 6th season. The enthusiasm of the visitors indeed began to be seen since noon around 3:30 p.m. Visitors began to fill the three stages provided, namely Padi, Giri, and Subak (red: each stage name).

Regarding the recapitulation at the committee’s data about the amount of the visitors’ present, there were more than 1,000 visitors presented on the first day. However, most of the visitors are foreign tourists. Only a few local people or Indonesian people attended the UVJF.

Some of the visitors were doing payment at the ticket locket of 2018 UVJF – Doc. NusaBali

This was also in line with the expectation that had been conveyed by Yuri Mahatma, as the UVJF Co-Founder when holding a Press Conference on Thursday (08/02/2018) at Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, that this year visitors of UVJF 2018 were predicted from 3000 up to 4000 visitors for two days.

“Sure, the visitors meet my expectation. Usually the visitors will come in the evening, but today, they have filled the area starting this afternoon,” Yuri said.

Yuri Mahatma, UVJF Co-Founder, when interviewed by NusaBali, Friday (10/08/2018) – Doc. NusaBali

Although visitors who came were dominated by foreign tourists, but Yuri still mobilized 100% of local people from Bali to become the committees in the 2018 UVJF, even his party to send letters to schools and universities in Gianyar and Denpasar, including SMK Putra Bangsa Campuhan and Bali. In total, he mobilized around 50 volunteers to succeed 2018 UVJF.

“We are open to anyone, for the audience, anyone can come both local and foreign. Even we do not distinguish the ticket price for local and foreign. For me, it is our pride as a nation. Our involvement is actually 100% involved by the committees who are from local people, Balinese people,” Yuri added.

For your information, each of the visitors will cost Rp500.000 for those who will attend only one day of UVJF event, and Rp700.000 for those who will attend two day events. *ph