Safe Holiday Solutions in The Face of The Return of Covid-19 Cases in Indonesia


JAKARTA, - The holiday season has arrived to welcome Christmas and New Year, and a number of people have prepared activities to fill the holidays. However, Covid-19 is currently spreading again in Indonesia, along with other viruses that are always around us. So what can we do to help prevent and treat people infected with the virus while on vacation?

Foreign tourists are welcome to visit Indonesia and do not need to worry about the condition of Covid-19 which is currently still relatively mild, because Indonesia already has an anti-virus Viradef, research and develop by Indonesian, which not only prevents viral infections, but can also heal and recover faster if infected.

Currently, there is no drug that can prevent viral infections. In general, antiviral drugs are very strong and should not be used every day. There is also no specific antiviral for Covid-19 or any other virus. Now there is VIRADEF, the only supplement or herbal medicine that can be taken safely every day, which can be used as prevention and very fast in the healing and recovery process if the patient is already infected with the virus.

VIRADEF, according to Dr Iris Rengganis Sp.PD, K-AI, FINASIM, President of the Indonesian Association of Allergy and Immunology Specialists (PERALMUNI), is the only antiviral that is able to prevent the virus from entering the cell and suppress viral replication.

Other antivirals only suppress viral replication. Thanks to its plant-based ingredients derived from advanced biotechnology, Viradef is different from other antivirals.

Viradef is a product developed and made in Indonesia by PT Biotek Farmasi Indonesia, which has been GMP certified according to US and European standards and obtained a distribution permit from BPOM.

Every 600 mg of Viradef contains more than 50,000 mg of vitamin C antioxidants, as well as ATP or cell energy that plays an important role in the body.

During your vacation, you're bound to be drained of energy during your busy schedule, so you need extra energy to make sure you don't get tired easily.

If the body is weakened, the ATP in the body will decrease, making it easier for viruses to enter the body. Instead of choosing to consume energy drinks with very high sugar content, which will definitely cause further problems, it is better to consume K-FIX.

K-FIX is the solution to improving endurance and is the only herbal supplement that can improve kidney function and E-GFR. One capsule of K-FIX increases energy more than a bottle of energy drink, so there will be no adverse effects, healthy kidney function is maintained and can even improve kidney function.

Indonesian tourists traveling at home and abroad can consume and bring Viradef and KFIX as travel companions to protect their health and that of their families, so that vacation activities run smoothly.

For further information on COVID-19 Counselling, Medical Tourism Associations in Indonesia and Bali is collaborating to open Call Centre Counselling No. 081999986667 operated by ATM Sehat – A Tele consult Medical Expert to support Travellers and Tourism starting in Bali.

The call centre will be launched during Health and Wellness tourism event, at the Cannabali-Nusa Dua, 29th of December 2023 organized by both Associations and related stakeholders endorsed by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism & Culture, the event is going to be opened by the Head of Tourism Government office in Bali.