Mount Lewotobi Eruption: Govt Provides Shelters for Affected Residents


KUPANG, - The government has provided evacuation shelters for 1,172 residents affected by the eruption of Mount Lewotobi Laki-laki in East Flores District, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), on Monday, January 1, 2024.

The residents were evacuated to several shelters, such as the sub-district head's office, the Kemiri Catholic Elementary School, Wulanggitang 1 Junior High School, the Hokeng youth cooperative office, the sub-district police office, and the sub-district military base. Meanwhile, some residents were evacuated to the houses of other residents.

Head of Wulanggitang Sub-district, East Flores District,Fredy Moat Aeng, stated in East Flores on Tuesday that the 1,172 residents were evacuated from the four villages of Klatanlo, Hokeng Jaya, Nawokote, and Waiula located two to three kilometers from the volcano.

"This number includes pregnant women, older adults and babies, and under-five children from four villages," the sub-district head stated.

According to Aeng, the area continues to receive volcanic ash since Monday. The sub-district government is still collecting data on both affected residents and the locations or houses where the residents are evacuating.

In response to this incident, the East Flores district government has distributed aid to residents affected by the eruption.

The aid distributed comprised rice, sugar, cooking oil,water, tarpaulins, masks, blankets, and tents from both the East Flores Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) and the East Flores Social Office.

The aid was disbursed directly by Acting District Head of East Flores, Doris Rihi, along with other stakeholders related to disaster mitigation when they visited the evacuation locations for residents in Boru,Wulanggitang Sub-district, as well as assembly points for displaced residents on Monday. *ant