Two Female Companions of Russian Villa Vandal in Canggu Reported to the Police


MANGUPURA, - A Russian citizen with the initials AS has been detained at the Badung Police Station for vandalism and threats in Bali. However, two of AS's friends who were also known to be at the villa at the time of the incident and are suspected of being involved in the vandalism are still on the run.

The villa that was vandalized is 'Bali Invest Villa' which is located in Batu Bolong, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung. According to its website, this villa is rented out for Rp 4 million per night.

The vandalism of the villa was discovered by Naemi Kuku Yowa, the villa manager, on Monday (22/4) at around 5:00 p.m. WITA. The following day, Naemi reported the incident to the Badung Police Station on suspicion of vandalism by AS.

On Wednesday (1/5), Naemi again came to the Badung Police Station to report AS's two friends, namely MP and VA. This is because these two foreign women are also suspected of being involved in the vandalism of the villa.

"We are reporting the alleged Act of Vandalism as referred to in Article 406 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code," said Esther Hariandja, legal counsel for the villa owner.

Previously, AS had escaped after being arrested on Wednesday (24/4). While undergoing observation at the Prof dr IGNG Ngoerah Denpasar Hospital, AS pretended to be crazy and managed to escape. However, he was recaptured by a joint team from the Badung Police and Mengwi Polsek in Nusa Dua on Sunday (28/4).

Esther appreciated the hard work of the police in catching AS. However, she also asked for MP and VA to be arrested immediately because they are strongly suspected of being involved in the vandalism of the villa and knowing about the alleged rape case committed by AS against EV, a Belarusian citizen, at the Batu Bolong villa on April 19.

In addition to the allegations of vandalism and rape, Esther also revealed that MP and VA used false identities when registering to rent another villa managed by the same management as her client's villa. This indicates an element of falsification of identity.

"We will also make a separate report regarding this falsification of identity," concluded Esther.