Don't Need to Pay for Tourist Levy If You Travel to Bali for These Reasons


DENPASAR, - Bali tourist levy will come into effect on upcoming Valentine's Day. But air, land, and water travelers of foreign citizens that enter Indonesia's tourism-reliant island on particular visas are exempted from the entry fee.

The IDR150,000 (USD9.51-10.00) tourist levy will only be imposed if holidaymakers fly and enter the area of Bali Province. It includes international dan domestic travels.

Bali tourism department said that the tourist fee would support the preservation effort of Balinese culture and nature as they are the island's two major attractions.

Specifically, government income accumulated from the international tourist entry fee, was told, will be majorly used for waste management. A 'big problem' that has stormed the world's top honeymoon destination.

"However, we are not going to levy every international traveler, there are seven categories of traveler that will not get levied," said head of Bali tourism department, Tjok Bagus Pemayun after a meeting with Bali ombudsman on Friday (1/26/2024).

The seven categories of exemption include:

1. Diplomatic and service visa holders

2. Transportation and cargo crews

3. Limited stay (KITAS) and permanent residence permit (KITAP) holders

4. Family reunion/unification/reunification visa holders

5. Student visa holders

6. Golden visa holders

7. Business visas

The exemptions are not automatically imposed. Travelers who are qualified for the seven categories need to file their exceptions through, no later than five days before entering Bali.

Bali ombudswoman, Ni Nyoman Sri Widhiyanti told that her office welcomes report if travelers find any misconduct of the tourist levy implementation as she deems it 'a sensitive matter' for the island's future in tourism.

"Whether there are reports in the process (of implementation) later on, we are ready to serve," said the government's public service watchdog chief on Friday.

She added that the report could only be filed by travelers who are KITAS and KITAP holders. However, Bali Ombudsman committed to also receive reports from travelers with no residence permits. Only if their reports are filed by locals or someone with residence permits. *rat