Bali Brings Together Venture Capital Leaders and Decision Makers at Founders Night


MANGUPURA, - On November 13th at 19:00, Founders Night, a networking event by Startup Builders PVG, MultiSig Ventures and DailySocial for VCs and startup leaders around the world, took place in Bali.

Founders Night brings together global change makers — top venture capital leaders, decision makers, and startup founders from Indonesia and abroad — to provide a hassle-free networking platform.

Closed, invite-only meetings allow guests to combine business with fun: finding partners, talking about investment opportunities, and getting a good rest during DJ shows and cocktail parties by the pool.

Top 100 tech executives from around the world, running companies like GoTo, Balderton Capital, Runa Capital, Flip, McKinsey were invited to the meeting where they could share ideas, connections and insights.

Every participant undergoes thorough vetting to ensure that everyone on Founders Night can get the most out of their time together during this event.

“Our goal is to provide our guests with a hassle-free networking, matchmaking process, entertainment and some in-depth conversations about the digital economy and investment opportunities in Indonesia,”  said Vlad Ayukaev,  Chief Executive Officer of Pintar Ventura Group.