Jatiluwih Tourism Village: EV Bus Innovation Towards a Cleaner and Greener Bali


TABANAN, - The Jatiluwih Tourism Village now offers a unique new experience for its visitors by introducing environmentally friendly electric buses (Electric Vehicles). This initiative aims to enhance tourist comfort while preserving the natural surroundings and the environment.

Jhon Purna, the manager of Jatiluwih Tourism Village, stated that the EV buses are specifically designed to serve tourists who wish to enjoy the beauty of Jatiluwih's rice fields and countryside. 

These electric vehicles provide a quiet and pollution-free touring experience, allowing tourists to enjoy fresh air and green scenery without the disturbance of noise and motor vehicle emissions.

The EV buses are currently being tested in Jatiluwih to provide more comfortable service to tourists. The long-term goal of using these electric buses is to create a cleaner environment and air in Jatiluwih, contributing to the achievement of Bali's net zero emission targets. If the trial receives positive feedback from tourists, the management will consider continuing it permanently.

Currently, Jhon Purna and the Jatiluwih Tourism Village team are testing several alternative EV buses suitable for the hilly roads of Jatiluwih. This initiative aligns with the Bali government's program focused on reducing fossil fuel usage and transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable energy. Jatiluwih Village supports this program by providing spacious and comfortable parking facilities for tourists, as well as EV buses ready to take them around Jatiluwih and its surroundings.

Jhon Purna, as the manager of Jatiluwih Tourism Village, is committed to maintaining the freshness and coolness of Jatiluwih's natural environment. They ensure that the use of electric buses not only facilitates tourist access but also helps preserve the natural environment of the village.

With the introduction of EV buses, tourists can now enjoy the beauty of Jatiluwih in a more environmentally friendly way, making their visit more meaningful and memorable. The management of Jatiluwih Tourism Village hopes that this initiative can serve as an example for other tourist areas in their environmental conservation efforts.

Jatiluwih Village continues to innovate and is committed to preserving its natural beauty, ensuring that future generations can still enjoy the pristine and unique qualities of this village.