Kimia Farma Decides to Postpone Paid Vaccination Drive


JAKARTA, - State-owned pharmaceutical company PT Kimia Farma has deferred the distribution of the individual Gotong Royong vaccines, as it intends to extend the program's socialization period.

"We apologize for the delay over the individual Gotong Royong vaccination, meant to start on Monday, July 12, which is being delayed until further notice," Corporate Secretary of Kimia Farma Ganti Winarno Putro noted in a statement received here, Monday (7/12/2021).

Putro explained that overwhelming enthusiasm and inquiries received from the public regarding the program led to the decision to extend the socialization period and to arrange the registration process.

"We would like to thank the public for their understanding and enthusiasm to work together in accelerating the achievement of herd immunity in Indonesia," he affirmed.

It was earlier reported that PT Kimia Farma Diagnostics, a subsidiary of PT Kimia Farma, was readying 40 thousand doses of paid individual vaccines for distribution in six cities in Java and Bali.

Acting Director of the company, Agus Chandra, confirmed that they will open eight vaccine sales points through the company's network of clinics, including three in Jakarta and one in Bandung, Solo, Semarang, Surabaya, and Bali respectively.

According to government regulations, per dose of paid vaccine costs Rp321,660, with an additional service price of Rp117,910, thereby bringing the total price of each dose to Rp 439,570.

With each person being administered two shots, the price of the complete vaccine package reaches Rp 879,140 per individual. Kimia Farma Diagnostics plans to open access for people seeking to buy the imported Sinopharm vaccine starting from Monday (July 12). However, the program was postponed indefinitely. *ant
The list of the first 8 Individual VGR clinics that will provide services are as follows:
1. Jakarta KF Monday, capacity 200 people per day
2. Jakarta KF Pulogadung, capacity 200 people per day
3. Jakarta KF Blok M, capacity 100-200 people per day
4. Bandung KF Supratman (Drive Thru), capacity of 200 people per day
5. Semarang KF Citarum, capacity 100 people per day
6. Solo KF Sukoharjo, capacity 500 people per day
7. Surabaya KF Sedati, capacity 200 people per day
8. Bali KF Batubulan, capacity 100 people per day