Wedding Soiree 2019 Combines the Charm of Local Cultures in Indonesia


Plataran Canggu Bali Hotel hosted a wedding showcase entitled "Wedding Soiree 2019" on Saturday, July 20 2019

In collaboration with the Nusantara Culinary Foundation (CKNF) and the Jasaboga Indonesia Company Association (APJI), the 2019 Soiree Wedding presents a number of events, starting from the Balinese traditional wedding procession performances, live talk shows, and fashion shows followed by dinner and entertainment. This event aims to show the beauty of Plataran Canggu as an inspiration for exotic marriage example that combines the concepts of modern marriage with Balinese culture.

"Plataran is a true Indonesian icon. Everytime we make an event there is always a cultural component combined with our concept. Whether it's from the food, or from the culture. Usually if there is a showcase, it will only about the bridal show. But we want to show the media that Indonesia is rich for its cultures." Said Anastasia Handayani, Director of Sales and Marketing at Plataran.

Featuring the Hollywood couples Nico Tortonella and Bethany C. Meyers, this time the wedding showcase features a demonstration of traditional Balinese wedding rituals that begin with medagang-dagangan, a sort of traditional trading procession, followed by a blessing procession (natab). Followed by a live talk show, the couple talked about marriage life, complete with tips and tricks to maintain harmony in a household life.

Not to forget, the live talkshow also presented other famous celebrities. They are the Indonesian life style influencer on Instagram Ayla Dimitri and Rama, who talked about their preparation for their marriage in the following October. And as a guest of honor, there was also Alex Landi, a Hollywood star who is known for his role as Dr. Nico Kim in the ABC television series Grey’s Anatomy.

The 2019 Soiree Wedding also featured a fashion show by Arturro and Michellle Ann, who presented beautiful bridal gowns as inspiration for the ladies and wedding organizers who attended the event. and as the highlight of the 2019 Soiree Wedding event, this dinner event was accompanied by entertainment by Dina Theresia, singer and a finalist of X-Factor in Indonesia.

This wedding showcase event provided many new inspirations for wedding organizers who attended the event. This was revealed by Mita, who was the representative of the Eight Bali Wedding, "We are getting a lot of concepts. This gives us new insights for Balinese Wedding and we also got a wedding concept in Labuan Bajo. I have been planning to visit the Plataran Labuan Bajo to be one of our venues. " *yl