The United States Controls the Bali Silver Handicraft Market


The United States is the dominant export market for Balinese silver handicraft products. The range is above 50 percent of Bali's total silver exports.

The uniqueness of the design, which is handmade, is an advantage of Balinese silver handicraft products. The businessmen in the silver industry expressed about the dominance of Bali's market export of silver to America. "From year to year, it is indeed mostly to America. That's from our experience. We don't know the others," Kadek Mustika a.k.a. Kadek Romo said, a silver craftsman in Celuk Sukawati, Gianyar, Sunday (11/18).

According to Kadek Mustika, that unique design with Balinese carving features is the hallmark of Bali silver products in the export market. That is causing Bali's silver handicraft products to still survive in the midst of intense competition, such as competing with China, Thailand, and other countries. "They like in China, can produce in mass with a manufacturing system," said Mustika.

That is also what causes Chinese silver products to be cheaper as well as Thailand. The silver handicraft industry in Thailand is also a silver competitor of Bali. "They can produce machines to support the silver industry," Mustika continued.

Previously, I Gusti Ayu Nilawati, as Production Manager of UC Silver in the area in Batubulan, Gianyar, said that, "Eighty percent of our exports are aimed at America. The rest are just other countries such as, Australia, China, Japan, and other countries.” Nilawati also said that the design of silver handicrafts with handmade process was an attraction for the American market for Balinese silver jewelry products. Besides America and those countries, some countries in the Middle East are new markets that are being explored.

For information, silver handicraft exports are one of the export products that contribute significantly to Bali's exports. The Department of Industry and Trade of Bali Province noted that silver exports are one of the 10 commodities whose contribution is above one percent of Bali's total exports from January-August 2018. From the total value of Bali's exports of 513 million dollars, silver production contributed 3.55 percent. *k17 *ph