UNHI Performed ‘Kecak Ramayana’ in India


Indonesia Hindu University (UNHI) was invited to enliven Deepavali celebrations.

Indonesian Hindu University (UNHI) Denpasar was again invited to enliven the peak of Deepavali celebrations in India which held in November 4-7, 2018. This year, the UNHI Denpasar art team presented an art work titled 'Kecak Ramayana' in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

UNHI art team sent 33 artists, consisting of lecturers and students at the Faculty of Religion and Arts Education, led by the Head of Faculty of Religion and Arts UNHI Denpasar, Prof. Dr. Ida Ayu Gde Yadnyawati, M.Pd. This departure was immediately accompanied by the Rector of UNHI, Prof. Dr. drh. I Made Damriyasa, MS., Vice Rector III for Student and Cooperation, Dr. I Wayan Muka, ST., MT., and Secretary of the Widya Kerti Educational Foundation, Dr. Dewa Ketut Budiana.

UNHI Denpasar Rector, Prof. Dr. drh. I Made Damriyasa, MS. said, this visit to India as well as a follow-up to the collaboration in the form of an MoU between the Ayodhya Research Institute and UNHI Denpasar. This collaboration is a commitment to realize UNHI Denpasar's vision as a centre for Hindu religious and cultural studies, as well as concrete steps to go international towards world class university.

"So, every year UNHI is invited to perform in India. This year we performed 2 times, namely in the cities of Lucknow and Ayodhya in the series of Deepavali events. We represent Bali and Indonesia to appear. There are also several arts teams from other countries, such as Korea, Russia, Laos, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, India, Cambodia, and art teams from other countries," he said, Wednesday (11/7).

It was said that UNHI Denpasar was the only representative from Indonesia in the international art event which was cantered in the Ayodhya. Through this kecak show, it is hoped that it will be able to convey the mission of cultural closeness in addition to aesthetically introducing the richness of Balinese and Indonesian cultural arts to the world.

"This is a concrete manifestation of our preservation and development of Indonesian Hindu arts and culture. In addition, this event is a way for students to train mentally to perform internationally. Next year, students from other study programs will be involved, aside from students from Dance, Karawitan, Fine Arts, and Hindu Education," said Prof. Damriyasa.

The Kecak Ramayana show itself took a story from the Ramayana epic, starting from the love relationship between Rama and Sintha to the abduction of Sintha by Rahwana. Until finally a big war ensued between Rama and Rahwana. The Ramayana Epic was presented with Balinese style, namely the Kecak dance.

The head of the UNHI Denpasar art team, Prof. Dr. IA Gde Yadnyawati, M.Pd, explained that the Kecak dance work was processed for 20 times with a duration of 4 hours each time. Each meeting ripens musicals, scenes, and the integrity of the show.

"Because the actors involved are mostly art actors who already have musical and dance experience that is very adequate to be processed, so there are no significant obstacles. Stamina and vocal attention are a serious concern, because the uniqueness of this show relies on vocals as the basis of its music," said Prof. IA Yadnyawati who plays Dewi Sintha.

According to her, compared to last year, the number of artists this year involved was more than 33 people. UNHI is seen as very committed and deemed very worthy to appear in the 'Ramleela' art scene, an art that takes themes related to the Rama and Ramayana epics.

"This is our effort to always echo Indonesian art and culture, especially Bali in the international. The next hope is that we will continue this collaboration, and it is possible that next year we will also perform in other countries because here we meet art teams from many countries," she hoped. *ind *ph