Dewa Putu Arsania, A Batuan Painter Who Finally Has A Solo Exhibition


He had ever a dream to hold a solo exhibition since 1980.

The painting exhibition entitled Artist Playground ‘Batuan Spirit’ by Batuan Painter, Dewa Putu Arsania (58), was held on Thursday (01/11) at Pullman Hotels and Resorts, Legian, Kuta, Badung. This exhibition was the first for painter who began his painting career in the 1970s.

"It is a coincidence that someone contacted me to do a solo exhibition. Indeed, from the 1980s I really wanted to hold a solo exhibition. Coincidentally, Pullman has facilitated the exhibition here," Arsania said.

According to him, the theme of 'Batuan Spirit' itself was something that was wanted to be highlighted in his exhibition, considering the generation that was increasingly spinning, making paintings with the characteristic of Batuan almost abandoned. So, he was determined to restore the painting of Batuan so that it would not be left behind by the times.

There are 50 paintings displayed starting from the hotel lobby to the yard where the event took place. Each theme of the painting also revolved around the stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Tantri, to the daily lives of people when on the market. The hallmark of Batuan painting focuses on black and white, which is made in detail with a gradual pressure called 'Sigar Mangsi.'

Asked about the period of work on his paintings, Arsania admitted that he could not predict when his paintings would be completed because sometimes it was difficult to build a mood or find appropriate inspiration in painting. On the one side, he could work on the painting for 24 hours without a break, but on the other hand if his mood was erratic, he could stop for a week or more.

While from Pullman Bali side, which was represented by its General Manager, Wil Fielhouse, he said that Pullman Hotels which were located all around the world do have a standard that requires holding an exhibition that showcasing local artists in the area to be better known.

"About this Artist Playground, which is the standard Pullman brand, in every Pullman hotel in the world, we have to hold exhibitions for local people. We also have the same thing in our other hotel branches, but with different styles," said Wil.

He also hoped that the exhibitions from other local artists would continue, so that the guests which were staying at the hotel will effectively witness the works of the artists and having beautiful impression when spending time at the Pullman. *ph