CushCush Gallery Held DenPasar 2018 and Launched DenPasar Art + Design Map 2018/2019


For three months, visitors will be pampered with the artworks of contemporary artists from inside and outside of Bali that are characterized 'Denpasar City.'

Officially opened, the exhibition based on contemporary architectural, performances, and art and design discussions, entitled DenPasar, was held again in 2018, after being successfully held in 2017 with the theme ‘Bahasa Pasar.’ The event was opened directly by the Founder and Director of CushCush Gallery, Suriawati Qiu, on Friday (05/10) at CushCush Gallery, Jalan Teuku Umar, Gang Rajawali 1A, Denpasar.

The event was also initiated by CushCush Gallery with the theme 'JINGGA An Exhibition A Movement' which represents various hues mixed when the sun rises and sets, that is when light and darkness merge with each other. The aim of the theme is to present various perspectives in the diverse and layered reality of Bali through the art of design and contemporary architecture.

On the same occasion, a map titled 'DenPasar Art + Design Map 2018-2019' was launched by Suriawati, which included various destinations, events, and art galleries that are worth visiting by anyone in Denpasar City. That, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of this metropolitan city, there are still any traces of modern and traditional arts from various dynamic and diverse circles, which can be enjoyed and lived, as Suriawati said in her following speech to more than 100 visitors.

"When we start our journey, it turns out that in Denpasar there are many creative communities and artists who are very diverse. So, we think to be a place to jointly voice diversity in Denpasar City, a very, very dynamic diversity in this city," Suriawati said.

Continuing her speech, the woman who is also active in the field of interior design also introduced artists who also took part in the 2018 DenPasar. There were 12 selected artists from various regions in Indonesia and 3 artists who were guests of honor. The three artists include Jumaadi (Sidoarjo, East Java, who now lives in Sydney, Australia), Alit Ambara (Singaraja, Bali), and Yoka Sara (Denpasar, Bali). Their contemporary works can be enjoyed directly at CushCush Gallery.

The DenPasar 2018 contemporary art exhibition will be held for approximately 3 months, from October 2018 to January 2019 and packed with various interesting events, including; various workshops, Design Talk, Curatorial Talk, Denpasar Talk, film screenings, and many more. This program is free of charge and visitors can come with anyone. To find out more about the continuity of events and programs, information can be accessed through the website * ph