London School of Public Relations Bali Generated Candidates for Reliable Public Relations Practitioners


The London School of Public Relations (LSPR) had also opened an e-leaning or Distance Learning-Based for bachelor program (S1) since 2016.

A solemn atmosphere seemed to surround the graduation program for LSPR students who had taken vocational education in the field of Public Relations for 1 year. This graduation was the second for the Bali branch of LSPR which held on Friday (21/09), at LSPR Campus, Puputan Street 140, Renon, Denpasar, Bali.

There were 10 Vocational Program students who were graduated by high officials of LSPR Bali, they were including, Ni Komang Nariani, S.E., M.M., Chair of the Bali LSPR Learning Center, Dr. Andre Ikhsano, LSPR Bachelor Program Director, and Yackie, S.E., Manager of LSPR Bali. Along with this, the graduation was also attended by representatives from Denpasar's Youth and Sports Education Office, the Chair of the DPC HIPKI (Indonesian Facilitator and Training Association), parents/ parents’ representatives of each student, as well as several influencers on social media who had publicly known, among them, Ratih Aristia, Widia Pradina, Karina Apsari, and Dayu Anindia.

At the graduation event, LSPR Bali also invited speakers from NusaBali, namely I Made Maha Dwija Santya, S.E., as Deputy Leader in NusaBali (a big mass media in Bali), who talked about ways to create useful content and tricks to become influencers on social media. This was also in line with the objectives that LSPR Bali wanted to achieve in this second batch graduation which was delivered directly by LSPR Bali Manager, Yackie, S.E., when met by NusaBali after the event.

"We want to give more to the students after taking their education, there is an addition from the field of media, sharing about communication, especially in social media. Hopefully, it can add to their value so that they can apply it in the real world and society," Yackie said.

Yackie also added that LSPR Bali graduates will be directed to the LSPR Career Center platform, which has collaborated with around 500 companies at Indonesia and abroad, which later could be a reference for work places by all LSPR Bali graduates. Students who wish to continue to the undergraduate level will also be assisted through the platform.

Met at the same place, Nariani, as the Head of the Bali LSPR Learning Center, revealed that what distinguishes LSPR from other universities is in the focused field, namely Public Relations (PR) and Marketing Communication (Marcom) which are still rare in Bali. She also revealed that the current trend is in the field of tourism and health, the LSPR wants to fill the gap in the field of communication.

It was Natasya, one of the students who had become the best graduate of batch 2 in the moment of the LSPR Bali graduation. The girl who is also studying for S1 Mathematics at Udayana University chose to study at LSPR Bali because she wanted to develop her hobby in the field of public speaking. She claimed that much of the knowledge gained at LSPR Bali was mainly about how to speak in public, the lecturers who taught were impressed and the lessons were always packed with practice, not just theory. She hoped, after she graduated from LSPR Bali, she could apply the knowledge to a wider field and could be combined with the study program she was currently studying on, which was Mathematics.

"My hope is that the PR-skill doesn’t just stop here that I can develop it again. Actually, there I ever thought to make something related to Mathematics and Communication, so that the impression of people on rigid Mathematics will decrease," explained Natasya. *ph