Gatao: Rise of the King Brings Sadistic Atmosphere in Balinale 2018


The film was inspired by the director and actor who was a gangster during his youth.

BADUNG, NusaBali
An international film event etitled Balinale (Bali International Film Festival) is held again from September 24 till 30 2018 at Cinemaxx Lippo Mall Kuta and Plaza Renon. Marking 12 years of its career, this year Balinale will play more than 100 films, including documentary films, short films, to a long duration film. Fully a week, Balinale targeted more than 9,000 audiences, including film lovers and activists, players and film producers.

Last night (09/26), located at Cinemaxx Lippo Mall Kuta, TETO (Taipei Economic and Trade Office) and the Taiwan Ministry of Culture, collaborated with Balinale to market Taiwanese films entitled 'Gatao 2: Rise of the King' directed and played out by Cheng-Kou Yen, which has achieved millions of box office tickets in Taiwan. The event began with a reception held at Aryaduta Bali, Kuta, which was attended by Founder Balinale, Deborah Gabinetti, one of Balinale Award’s Jury, Jeane Huang, and several representatives from TETO, Kendra Yung-Shoa Chen, as Director of the Press Information Division, and Kim Cho, as Secretary of the Press Information Division.

In speech, Kendra said that this was the second time TETO had collaborated with Balinale. The aim of this collaboration is to strengthen the mutual cultural understanding between Taiwan and Indonesia, and to establish good cooperation in the fields of business and film.

Previously, Taiwan's animated film, 'On Happiness Road' had also been played several days earlier. The animated film directed by Hsin Yin Sung which emphasized a soft impression that highlighted Taiwan's history and humanities through the life story of a woman actor. The film is very different with Gatao 2: The rise of the King which emphasizes more sadistic impressions and is full of fighting scenes.

According to one of the judges at the Balinale Award, Jeane Huang, the Gatao 2 itself was an adaptation of the real life of one of the figures who was also the director who had joined a gangster association when he was young. Through the film, Cheng wanted to show how the lives of gangsters are cruel and inappropriate to imitate.

"This film was worked on by the director and actor who was a gangster when he was young. The title Gatao means the North Ruler, which in the North area of Taipei is a rich area and the gangsters are scrambling to be in power there. In the film, the title song ‘The Song of Sorrow’ was chosen which describes the life of the gangster itself. Cheng wanted to show us all that gangster life is cruel and not worthy to be imitated," Jean said at the reception of the Gatao 2: Rise of the King film screening (26/09) at Aryaduta Bali, Kuta. *ph