Prince and Princess Georgia Visited ARMA Museum of Ubud


ARMA Museum of Ubud was being the last destination of Prince and Princess Georgia after spending 4 days in Kuta and Jimbaran to celebrate their honeymoon time.

A solemn yet homely atmosphere seemed to turned the ARMA Museum of Ubud, Tuesday (14/08/2018) because the museum that has been famous by the collection of paintings from many world’s legendary painters, was visited by the honorable guests from Georgia Palace for about 14 members, which the main visitors were Prince Juan De Bagration-Mukhrani and Princess Kristine, that was celebrating their honeymoon moment.

Agung Rai was welcoming Prince Juan and Princess Georgia - Doc. NusaBali

There were 3 regions that being the destination of this happy moment, such as, Jakarta, Manado, and Bali. Although, there was not so many time that they spent in Indonesia, which was about 11 days, yet they were quite happy that they could visit Bali. Especially, Bali has being the top destination for honeymooners in Georgia. This was proven that Prince and Princess Georgia spent for about 5 days of their time in Bali by visiting Kuta, Uluwatu – Jimbaran, and Ubud. It had been confirmed by Agatha Suparyanti, as the Owner of Lada Putih Resto Bali, who also took responsible for the visitation of Prince Juan and Princess Kristine in Bali.

“The visitation spends 3 days in Manado, 5 days in Bali, and 3 days in Jakarta. Yes, because Bali has being the top destination in Georgia for honeymooners, and he puts Bali as his main agenda,” Agatha explained.

“This will make a good image for Bali in Georgia, I think it will influence the tourism sector because lately Bali has been heard for being the top destination. By this visitation, it will make more people are interested to come. That’s all that I think from the tourism side,” Agatha continued.

Even though it was in the sudden, this visitation had some agendas which were guided by Agung Rai, as the Owener of ARMA and Paul Amron, as the Consultant for ARMA’s Foundations.

“Actually, I just help them. They happen to know about Obama’s Walk because Obama has visited ARMA too several time ago. So, the agenda are, visiting the museum, presenting about the foundation, property, and after that having lunch at Hanging Gardens, then going to Peliatan Ubud (Ubud Palace), and at last having dinner at Bebek Tepi Sawah. That’s all,” Amron said.

Princess Kristine was paying attention to one painting in front of her - Doc. NusaBali

When asked about his point of view of the visitation, Amron, representing ARMA, confessed that ARMA was very open of this visitation and felt so grateful to share about the foundation to them. Especially, It was concerning about children’s education to learn about their culture.

In the middle of the visitation, evidently, ARMA had prepared a surprise for the guests by showing a dancing performance entitled ‘Tat Twam Asi’ which was performed by Mireki Jasmine Okubo, a talented dancer from Turkey yet based in Bali. Her body movements which was graceful and collaborated with a unique contemporary music, had been successfully amazed the guests and made them giving a big applause for Jasmine.

Jasmine was performing a dancing named Tat Twam Asi - Doc. NusaBali

“I love Bali. It’s very very beautiful place, and have very kind people, such diverse beautiful colors, and the sea. We have wonderful time here. This is our first time to visit Bali, first time in Indonesia,” Prince Juan said.

Because of the beauty of Bali, Prince Juan hoped that he wanted to come back someday to Bali, the Island of God, “Of course, I’d loved to come back,” Prince Juan closed.*ph

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