Celebrate The Moment of Ramadhan with Nasi Tumpeng Ala Lumbung


High values and sacred meanings 

Nasi Tumpeng is the traditional ceremonial food that only served on formal events like birthdays, anniversaries, official launching events, and thanksgiving events, like in Java, Madura and Bali. It is very highly valued and has sacred meaning behind it, and should be prepared accordingly to the rules. It believes only adult women (who is not in menstrual period) could make the rice, while men were preparing the side dishes. Nowadays, people serving Nasi Tumpeng in a certain event to celebrate and being grateful.

As Lumbung Restaurant is preserving Indonesia culinary heritage we celebrate the moment of Ramadhan and feast on Indonesian popular dish; Nasi Tumpeng. This cone-shaped rice served with mouthwatering side dishes like Ayam Goreng, Telur Balado, Perkedel Kentang, Urap Sayur, Mie Goreng, Telur Dadar, Serundeng and Sambal Terasi. Sweet treats are also available as your fasting breaker at one of Ubud’s unique restaurants that located under the bridge with cozy and warm ambiance. Explore the authentic dishes that full of cultural story in the midst of natural surrounding.

IDR 250,000 ++/person

Minimum of 2 person
- Free Ta’jil during fasting period
- Complimentary Ice Tea and two choices of Rujak
- 50% off Balinese Living Arts performance at Desa Visesa or Puri Kantor