Play at Indonesia’s finest golf courses giving all players an ultimate golfing experience


The Tournament will be played in two qualifying events where Players need to finish in top 30 of only one round to be eligible for the final round and two will grab a prestigious prize of a trip for 2 to New Zealand and play in one of the best golf course in the world! 

Play at Indonesia’s finest golf courses giving all players an ultimate golfing experience. The tournament is designed to give an opportunity to all amateur golfers in Indonesia and beyond to experience the thrill & prestige to compete in an elite professional golf tour-like championship event against players of similar skill level.  This is an effort to bring the “game of the business people” to attract many overseas entrants to visit Indonesia and for them to enjoy not only the world-class golf courses but also the many wonderful attractions Indonesia offers and the opportunity to make new friends. 

The Indonesia Ultimate Golf Series is aimed at upper golfers Indonesian residents, together with from abroad golfers; and today Indonesian citizens are the largest market segment by volume.  

Each series has a tailor-made itinerary which includes premium giveaways, breakfast, prize award luncheons/dinners with entertainment, an exciting and full of fantastic prizes as well as a skill competition activities on-course.  In addition, an intensive skills training is carried out by the host Club to increase and improve the quality and level of service. These are all part of our commitment to making all participants feel more and more welcome and enjoy their participation in the Indonesia Ultimate Golf Series.

With the support from the various industry as well as media partners have highlighted the events as Indonesia’s first international amateur golf series. Aiming at tourism, this will quickly rank Indonesia as a leading golfing destination in the region.

Golf is a special sport and Indonesia Ultimate Golf Series is much more than just a golf tournament and with that please allow me to quote from Arnold Palmer.
The people I have met in golf have made my life special, if you’re a golfer reading this, think about how many people you’ve met and made friends with because you played golf. The take another person who doesn’t play golf, in my mind, to golf is bringing people together. Golf is a world itself. It’s an experience that’s really worth living.

I am thanking all of you for your active participation and continued support, and for your valuable time that you have contributed to making the tournament happen. Thank you very much!

On behalf of the committee, we look forward to welcome all golfers to the IUGS2018 and their enjoyment of the fairways of 11 Indonesia’ Best Golf Courses!

Let’s together we launched the IUGS 2018! Fore! 

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With best golfing regards,
Indonesia Ultimate Golf Series

Cahaya Oktora Marpaung

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