Desa Visesa presents the Balinese Living Arts show performance


Desa Visesa is proudly presents the Balinese Living Arts show performance inspired by beliefs, rituals and spirits behind day to day life in the village, this performance comes to life amongst the rice paddies in Desa Visesa - immerse yourself into the vivant tableaus in Puri Kantor.

Beliefs, Rituals and Spirits behind day to day life in Bali

Ubud, BALI 
The daily performance with 2 different stories; The Manifestation of Siwa Nataraja and The Tri HIta Karana - Goddes of Posperity Dewi Sri directed by Peter Wilson a renowned show director in collaboration with Made Sidia, Balinese puppet master that together they brought fresh ideas on the traditional performance and music without leaving its essence.

Peter Wilson, an Australian renowned show director join effort with Made Sidia, Balinese puppet master that together they brought fresh ideas on the traditional performance and music without leaving its essence. Peter Wilson, acclaimed puppet master is widely recognized as the one of the most significant artist in combining Western and Eastern influence, and is of immence cultural value. Made Sidia, initiated the learning hub communities Sanggar Paripurna - now with 600 students has become one of foremost learning destination for carving art, fine arts, painting, dancing, puppetry, gamelan music and the making various religious ceremonies that open for all passionate students all over the world.

Bali attracts an exciting array of artists to collaborate with the local talent and star performance to produce an amazing variety of show performance. You will be inspired by the exceptional talents and infectious passion of the performers and entranced by the imagination and skills of the villagers who are working behind the scenes. A ravishing series of Living Arts on life stage, blend in with nature - show in the middle of rice field in Desa Visesa and you will take part to celebrate this fabulous achievement.

The show is a perfect opportunity to explore behind the scene of Living Arts in Bali, the history of Ubud Royal Kingdom, Puri Kantor as well as the luxury green concept of Desa Visesa Ubud. 

Come and see dancers and musicians in action, villagers in rehearsals, classes and Balinese life up and personal at Desa Visesa.  Our mission to honor the past tradition, by promoting proudness, happiness, peace and good healing spirit. Preserving Balinese philosophy is not for today only it is for the future of Bali – the concept of food, pray and love have enlightened Bali’s outstanding uniqueness and magnificence values that would bring more national and international audiences to the island to experience.


About Desa Visesa Ubud 
Desa Visesa offers a brand new level of luxury villas with soul, only a mile away from central Ubud. Situated among 6.5 Hectares lush vegetation, cascading streams, and verdant rice fields, Visesa villa is a haven of peace and tranquility nearby a world famous global village that has become a hub for sustainable tourism and holistic lifestyle.

Visesa blends an original architectural concept of suites and villas that provide generous space and superior comfort with the respect of ancestral traditions and ceremonial way of life.  As an advanced expression of contemporary design values, elements of traditional architecture and noble building materials have been carefully integrated to the modern concept. All our luxury - 66 Pool Villas & 40 Suite units, adorned with stylish furnishings and the newest range of room appliances, express comfort and functionality while retain a feeling of warmth and Balinese authenticity. Four restaurants give limitless dining options and a massive central swimming pool is available for letting the day goes by. As a high-minded property of an enlightened member of the royal Ubud family, Visesa offers, in the heart of Bali, a brand new level of luxury with soul..*