Bali’s Year-End Party May Be Wet and Windy


DENPASAR, – Year-end parties in Indonesia’s top destination may be thrown wet and windy more than ever.

The National Meteorology predicts some regions of Bali will experience “extreme weather” during Christmas and new year. Heavy rain and destructive winds are forecasted to occur on Christmas eve extended to the first day of 2023.

There are four meteorological phenomena taking place in the same period this December and bringing a saturated atmosphere toward the touristic island, the weather administration said in an online press conference last Tuesday (20/12/2022).

“The intensification of monsoon, cold surge running from Tibetan plateau, unsettled weather around the southern ocean, and then we saw the activity of Madden-Julien Oscillation (MJO) circulated from East African ocean to the Pacific crossing Indonesian islands,” the National Met head, Dwikorita Karnawati explained.

Monsoon activity can force the formation of rain clouds or nimbus significantly and kicks up precipitation. Also, the center of low pressure of the unsettled weather about the island nation’s southern ocean stimulates convective clouds and intensifies up to extremizes precipitation.

In line with those phenomena, the migration of MJO activity which picks up rain clouds from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific exposes Indonesian islands to high precipitation potentials.

“And it coincides with the Christmas and new year celebrations,” Dwikorita said.

Meanwhile, the cold surge sent by the Tibetan plateau accelerates wind speed and the movement of nimbus over the islands. In the meantime, rising wind pressure supports configuring cyclone potentials.

For holidaymakers who spend year-end in Bali, getting ready for a wet and windy this year’s Covid finale is a must. Pack personal rain gear and always be cautious with hydrometeorological disaster potential.

However, for some holidaymakers who have stayed in Bali since September this year, the weather situation at the end of this year may not be a surprise. *rat