Ukrainians, Russians in Bali Appeal for Peace Amid Ukraine-Russia War


DENPASAR, - Chevganiuk Olga, a Ukrainian citizen partaking in a peaceful protest in front of the Ukrainian Consulate Office in Bali, pressed for a resolution to soon be found for the war between Russia and Ukraine.

"All people reject the war. We do this (peaceful action) because we want people to go on the streets, express their voices and the truth that Ukrainians must be protected from the Russian aggression (invasion). We want a resolution," Olga stated at the protest location in Denpasar, Bali on Tuesday (March 1, 2022).

Olga affirmed that Ukrainians located in Bali also sense the grief and call for peace to be restored in Ukraine. She pointed out that some Ukrainians were keen to return to their country but were unable to do so for some reason.

"Some were keen to go back, but for some reason, they could not. Some chose to stay here (in Bali) for the sake of protecting their children," she explained.

Olga also noted that in the near future, her team will also open fundraisers, including for gathering food and clothing, as well as whatever else that can be donated from Bali.

Olga has vowed to continue to make efforts to raise donations and communicate with representatives of several countries in the world regarding the fundraisings. The collected donation will be delivered to Ukrainian soldiers to protect civilians and suffering pets.

Not only Ukrainians but also some Russians in Bali joined the protest.

"I and all other Russians are very disappointed about what is occurring. We cannot sleep since (the war) started. Our neighbor Ukraine is not just our neighbor on the map, but they are in our hearts, and we do not want war," a Russian national Dima Kazantcez stated.

Kazantcez affirmed that Russians and Ukrainians in Bali helped and supported each other, and they did not make an issue of national origins.

"It is not a problem whether (a person) is a Russian or Ukrainian. All people want a peaceful life and not a dreadful war," Kazantcez explained.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Consulate Office in Bali accepted the peaceful action of Ukrainian and Russian nationals, who rejected the Russian invasion of Ukraine. *ant